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We are excited to announce that two of our clients are appearing at the Cottingham Food Festival this weekend.

New Village Kitchen, from Cottingham are a brand new bakery serving up fantastic locally sourced quality homemade food. Specialities include puff pastry sausage rolls pimped up with Chorizo or Sticky Sweet Chilli. Legendary Cave Man Scotch Eggs (imagine a small football!), Black Pudding Bombs – a delicious blend of black pudding and bacon wrapped in sausagemeat, coated in toasted breadcrumbs and fried until golden and crisp!

They also do an awesome range of Dunkers – pulled pork, mushroom or cheddar cheese and onion. Each of these come with a delicious homemade BBQ or chipotle mayonnaise dip.

Their loaded skinny fries are a bestseller too, topped with slow cooked pulled pork, fried onions, homemade BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and homemade coleslaw. And if you’ve still got room for pudding their Millionaire Shortbread might just be the best in Yorkshire!

We’ve worked with New Village Kitchen since start up, producing branding, photography, marketing strategy, promotional literature and we’re currently developing their website.

New Village Kitchen are situated at 44 New Village Road, Cottingham and are open 7 days a week. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter or visit their stall this weekend.

The prefect accompaniment for a New Village Kitchen Caveman Scotch Egg is a pint of great Yorkshire ale. Passionate about beer and full of Yorkshire pride, the Yorkshire Brewhouse are a unique and quality brewery based in Hull. This weekend the Brewhouse will be showcasing three of their cracking beers, Reet, Ey Up and Faithful.

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