Don’t Crush The Creative

 In Opinion

We all know there are some brilliant marketeers out there. They’re all fighting to prove their ROIs, smash their KPIs and build their social media presence. And some are making a very good job of it. But…

For many, marketing has become a numbers game. How big is your reach, how many records on your database? Of course, achieving a good return on your marketing spend is important. But in focusing purely on the bottom line are people forgetting one very basic principle? First impressions count.

When building marketing strategies, is good design being dismissed? Is the creative becoming an after thought?

We’ve seen it time and time again of late, a bloody good idea that becomes lost because of neglected collateral and advertising that looks like it’s been dragged through a PC backwards.

The words ‘full service agency’ may be in decline, and they probably should be, as there are very few out there who are giving the correct attention to what should be the complete package. We pride ourselves on being one of those very few. We’re happy to talk strategy and with our help, your social media footprint will flourish. But great design will always be front and centre of our thinking. It’s the heart of what we do.

Our advice? Never underestimate the power of good design. Without it, your brand will suffer and all your efforts will be for nothing. Well-executed creative with a strong message should be the foundation upon which you build the rest of your marketing. When you have all those components in place, the numbers will take care of themselves.

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