Bryce Mennell

NYC Bar & Grill brings New York style dining to the North of England. The restaurant interiors have everything you would expect in downtown Manhattan giving us the perfect inspiration to refresh the brand.

  • "We were looking for a creative, fast thinking company to assist with the re-brand of our business and boy did they deliver! Great service and nothing is ever too much trouble"

    Lee Edwards - Founder - NYC Partnership

We rebranded NYC Bar & Grill and quickly produced a set of menus, a suite of aboards, and most importantly, developed their new website with booking facilities, something NYC is never short of. The new concept restaurants are proving to be super-sized and super popular.

With burger stacks the size of the Empire State Building and cocktails as spectacular as the Statue of Liberty, the photoshoot at NYC (in downtown Hull) was great to work on…not to mention the taste testing afterwards!