Bryce Mennell

We’ve been working with St Stephen’s ever since the centre opened in 1996, and we can say with some confidence that they see us as an extension of their marketing team. We support St Stephen’s day-to-day with everything from managing seasonal and fashion-led campaigns and photo shoots to producing out of order loo signs!

  • "We are a successful shopping centre operating in the heart of our city so what do I want from my creative agency: inspiration, dedication, reliability, joined-up thinking…oh, and I guess the patience and understanding to help me realise what I really want for my next campaign. St Stephens chose Bryce Mennell in 2010 to be our creative partner and have never looked back; they work as hard for us now as they did then and I would recommend them to anybody."

    Jim Harris - Centre Manager - St Stephen's

The ’Style it’ campaign, developed early 2016, brought a fresh, direct tone of voice to St Stephen’s. Aimed at the young target market, and mixed with high end photography, we’re showing the shopper what can really be done with high street fashion.

In 2013 we took complete control of the St Stephen’s Student Night. Rebranding it The Student Invasion, and now in its 3rd year the event sees 12,000 students invading the centre for an evening of unique entertainment and exclusive offers.

It’s got to be all about having fun and with the smaller events at St Stephen’s, that’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s summer fun for the little ones, new, local music for the after 5 market and seasonal campaigns that family shoppers do not want to miss.