Earlier in 2020, we were approached by our client and good friend, Jae Saleh. We have worked with Jae on a variety of projects for both SMSR and RSPCA Hull and East Riding.

After a good catch up, Jae began explaining an idea he had to raise money for the RSPCA. Badly Drawn Pets; people love their pets, so why not have a bespoke piece of art dedicated to your own four-legged friend! The plan is that people send in photos of their pets along with a £10 donation to the RSPCA Hull & East Riding. The photo will then be assigned to one of the ‘artists’ in the team assembled for the campaign. The resulting masterpiece is then delivered to the lucky owner! We loved the idea as soon as we heard it. A fun and light-hearted way to get people involved with the charity and to raise money for a brilliant cause.

The money raised in this campaign will go towards the repair and construction of new facilities at the RSPCA Hull and East Riding branch on Clough Road. We provided design and artwork support for the campaign including logo design, print materials and also leant our hand to drawing some of the portraits ourselves. It’s always a pleasure to work for a cause that we all believe in and feel so strongly about.

For more information of how to get involved, head on over to RSPCA Hull & East Riding’s JustGiving page where there is a detailed step-by-step process on how to support the campaign.