It’s always fun to work with Xscape

Xscape is an amazing family fun destination packed with a wide range of action packed activities, great places to eat and top outdoor sporting brands to shop.

Bryce Mennell has worked with Xscape since 2016, designing and creating fun campaigns, in-centre activities, social media competitions and lots more. It’s always fun to work with Xscape on these kinds of projects. Even through the uncertain times due to COVID restrictions, Xscape hasn’t stood still, always wanting to engage with the public and be at the heart of something positive.

In early March, we were briefed by Xscape to come up with an identity for a competition which would celebrate the easing of the COVID restrictions. The prize was a family feast takeaway provided by selected restaurants from Xscape Yorkshire. So, we started to develop ideas for the competition identity, we were mindful of making the visuals stand out but also fall in line with the rest of the Xscape branding. The Great Family Feast Giveaway was born! Utilising the X and some simple but playful typography, we think that the identity is fun and noticeable whilst still being cohesive to the overall Xscape brand.