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Vertual is the leading provider of virtual reality training systems in radiation therapy. In 2019 they approached us to develop the branding for a new product called Compact Vert. We continue to work with them and have recently re-branded another one of their products VERT.

Brand New - Vert

The design concept behind the new VERT logo represents what the final product embodies – analysis and clarity. Even though the technology behind VERT is complex, the whole point of the platform is to present and teach techniques simply, effectively and safely.

The logo represents the clinical and concentrated nature of the VERT product. The circle encapsulates the typography and directs attention to the world itself. Typographically, a rounded font has been used to add a subtle yet soft feel.

Brand New - Vert


VERT is a virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room. Through captivating 3D views and life size visualisations VERT offers an excellent platform for supplying radiation therapy training to students, nurses and multidisciplinary teams.