Best of the Month - Valentine's Edition

Love as a theme or concept, features in and influences every aspect of creative expression in some way, shape or form. In the BM studio, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day a little differently this year. We’ve taken some time to out to find at our favourite piece of media which is centered around the theme of love. The piece could be any form of creative medium; art, design, architecture, advertising, music etc.

Vicky – The Love Bug

Got to love some 60s advertising, especially when it features a VW, the Beetle to be more exact. Branded here as the Love Bug, what’s not to love? Okay the cheese-levels are high, but I’m all up for some harmless romanticism. I miss my Beetle, it will always have a warm spot in my heart!

Lauren – Durex’s Creative Marketing

Valentines doesn’t always have to be mushy, and this year I wanted to shine a light on Durex’s clever creative ads and marketing campaigns over the years.

Durex has a great way of making what is considered a taboo subject (even though we all do it *cough*) ordinary and often even funny; and it does so without objectifying women in the process. They frequently use current affairs to influence their campaigns, such as their launch of an unofficial condom emoji to coincide with World Aids Day in 2016.

I particularly enjoyed their post-lockdown 2020 ‘freedom day’ advertising, declaring that people should enjoy it after months of Covid restrictions disrupting people’s dating and sex lives. It also drew the monotonous conversation away from the lifting of mask wearing. Simple but clever.

Ben – Keith Haring’s Untitled (Love)

The image that is etched in my mind when the I hear the word ‘Love’ is this fantastic piece by the great Keith Haring. Although the painting is ‘Untitled’, the visual speaks for itself. The message is simple, Love is a joint effort, togetherness brings strength and resilience.

Haring’s work conveyed a variety of political and societal subjects; pro LGBTQ+, safe sex, AIDS awareness, anti-apartheid, anti-crack amongst many other themes. This then firmly cements the legacy of Haring as being an advocate for love and togetherness. His belief that love could be the remedy for all of life’s ills is unrivalled.

Danica – Hannah Jacobs & Matt Lloyd Loveable Dogs GIFs

We’ve got to share the love for our furry friends! I adore these animated stickers by Hannah Jacobs and Matt Lloyd. Fun and playful illustration style and the subtle animation makes each sticker so endearing. I woof them! (Sorry!)

Dan – Milton Glaser’s I <3 NY

Easily one of the most iconic pieces of design from the 20th century, and it’s not hard to see why. So simple yet so cool. The minimalism of the typography is almost the antithesis to the hectic hustle and bustle of New York. An icon of modern design, and I love it.