Cost of Living: Value of Understanding

With the sun setting on the summer months and Autumn on the horizon, the end of 2022 is going to be a tight one for many of us. The cost of living crisis we are currently experiencing is starting to permeate multiple facets of our everyday lives. Whether it’s house bills, fuel, transport, food, clothing or any other regular expenses, we are seeing a gradual increase in costs. 

The way we work has been another topic of discussion recently. How will this crisis impact the industry I work in? What are the long-term ramifications? What can be done to help prevent this? Sadly, as of yet, answers to these questions have not been forthcoming.

We’ve always pondered whether working from home is more/less productive than being in the office full time (as we are), however with the huge shift from commuting and office working, to working from home throughout the pandemic and beyond, this also begs the question of how people in the industry will cope with additional energy bills whilst working from a home office in the winter months. However, arguably that could be offset by the savings on fuel commuting. I think it’s safe to say as a team we prefer being together on a daily basis.

It’s hard to really know what to do in times like this when so many people are affected by what’s going on. As an employer, we first need to be open, transparent and flexible with our team. We are a small business which runs on teamwork. If an employee is struggling with the current situation, we have to be considerate and malleable in helping that person find a more manageable way to work. Being understanding and sympathetic to each employee’s needs is both beneficial to the well-being of the said employee and the overall ethos of the company. Everyone feeling seen, heard and supported is a massive moral booster in any business. 

As a company, we have faced many challenges before now, and I’m sure that there’ll be more to come. But we will face them together as a team that understands and works for one another.